I have been a documentary photographer for over 30 years.

My passion for photography began with photographing tourist attractions in my town, Santa Barbara, CA. The first workshop I took was in the 70's in Yosemite with Ansel Adams and Yousuf Karsh. Working for various newspapers, I used my press pass to photograph Joan Baez, Kenny Loggins, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Marley, and many other artists performing at the local arena.

I was also blessed to have traveled extensively, hired by Airlines and sent to many countries around the world. Ninety-five percent of the photos showcased on this site were taken with film.

Strangers on the street mesmerize me. My eye scours for subjects separating them from the crowds, while drawn to the simplicity of space that surrounds them. Emotions also play a pivotal part, capturing one's private moments of stories untold. Creating art on the street fuels my heart.

Although various methods are used in shooting street photography, being unnoticed has been my preference, whereby not altering the moment. Although I often do have contact with subjects, the dynamics change as "posing" for the camera becomes the norm once subjects are engaged in conversation. For my work as well as with teaching, capturing the split second, fleeting moment creates a more genuine outcome.

I've taught composition and framing skills to every age group for the last 20 years. Sundays in NY, the newest venture, a street photography workshop bringing participants on inspiring excursions on the exciting streets of NY. With my classes, I view your images with constructive feedback, suggestions, tips. Valuable info for improvement.

My work has been published in hundreds of magazines and publications around the world. I have written articles on Composition, Simplicity, Self-Editing,Judging Contests, Critiquing, "The Art of Seeing." I am also co-founder of photoworkshop.com, the first member portfolio based educational website.

Judith Farber